My Blog – My Rules

#1 – The hunts covered will be whichever appeal to me.

#2 – There is NO schedule. The posts will occur when it is convenient for me and I am motivated. I had a jeweler friend who posted her hours as “by chance” and that is the spirit of this project.

#3 – Please do NOT send me your hunts gifts. I will probably delete them. I do this because I like actually hunting. Also, if your gift is too hard to find, I’ll move on and it just won’t be shown.

#4 – I choose hunts from the HUNT SL web site and all of my links will go back to that site.


More “rules” as I go forward and think of them. It is all fluid and evolving.


Welcome to my new hunt blog. I love hunts in Second Life.

Here is what you can expect to find on my blog:
~ I will post information about random hunts that appeal to me.
~ There will be pictures of many of the treasures I find, but they will not be extravagantly set up.
~ There won’t be any particular schedule to my posts. I am retired but even so I have times when I am less motivated or am otherwise engaged. This is for my pleasure; so there will be no deadlines. You’ll just have to check in to see if anything is new.
~ I will add links to the HUNT SL post for the hunts I delve into. They will be on the right side of this page.
~ If I am in a hunt as a merchant, you will probably find it here. I like to complete the hunts I have a vested interest in.
~ While I always strive to be positive, occasionally I have come across hunts that are just not up to snuff, and you will likely find some editorializing if I have trouble getting started or following a hunt to its conclusion. If I am knocked out by a great hunt, expect me to rave boldly.
~ Part of my motivation is to promote hunting in SL; therefore you may find hunts blogged here a couple of weeks into their run. Most hunts get a lot of attention when they start up, then it falls off. I hope that I can stimulate a resurgence later in their schedule.

I believe that hunts are a great way for newcomers to Second Life to find their way around, discover ways to enhance their avatars and their environments, improve their experience while they decide if they want to remain a part of the SL community, and more.

When I first came to SL and discovered them, there was one person blogging all of the hunts, offering hints and keeping us hunters well informed. She is long gone I am sad to say.  There are now several sites that offer hunters information about hunts and other activities – I am particularly partial to HUNT SL, of course. ( In the interests of transparency I co-founded HUNT SL with Xia Nishi, though he is the person who keeps it running.)

Over the years as Xia and I have hunted together, we have had some great experiences and some not so great ones.  For a few years I was part of the Happy Hunting family, which gave me a motivation for my hunting.  This blog is my new found treasure hunting raison d’etre.

I hope you have as much fun with it as I plan to have.



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