Back to School Hat Hunt – Sept 25

This is just hat heaven!!!!!!!!

Hats are always the jewel in the crown of any outfit. This hunt will provide you with something to wear no matter what your style is. There are a lot of hats here for men. Don’t be concerned about the mannequins; they are the only ones I have right now.

Full disclosure – you will find a couple of hats at my own store, but you won’t see them below. That just felt like the height of self-promotion, which I tend to shy away from. Also, I ran this hunt for many years and have recently been succeeded by Chigadee London and BrigittaCoral, who have done a top notch job of organizing this event. You will breeze through with nary a hitch.

The hunt object is a small hunt poster.

This is a short run hunt so do not wait another day to find the gifts.


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