Back to School Hat Hunt – Sept 25

This is just hat heaven!!!!!!!!

Hats are always the jewel in the crown of any outfit. This hunt will provide you with something to wear no matter what your style is. There are a lot of hats here for men. Don’t be concerned about the mannequins; they are the only ones I have right now.

Full disclosure – you will find a couple of hats at my own store, but you won’t see them below. That just felt like the height of self-promotion, which I tend to shy away from. Also, I ran this hunt for many years and have recently been succeeded by Chigadee London and BrigittaCoral, who have done a top notch job of organizing this event. You will breeze through with nary a hitch.

The hunt object is a small hunt poster.

This is a short run hunt so do not wait another day to find the gifts.


September at Free Dove

It’s another round of small hunts with some of SL’s best creators at the store
no one new to Second Life should miss. This month you will find gifts from
Spyralle, Baby Monkey and You Got the Look.

The model is wearing make up picked up on the hunt; her clothes and jewelry are from Spyralle, and her feet are dreaming about being warm, cozy and colorful all winter long.

These are the hunt objects you are seeking:

snapshot_013    snapshot_014    snapshot_015

Be sure you get the gifts upstairs amongst the safari themed critters.
Don’t forget to drop a few Lindens in the Top Hat on your way through. These gifts are very well worth it.

Part 2: Around the Grid… – Sept 30

Here is my second installment of the longest hunt in SL.  But don’t get too complacent about having the rest of the 80 days. Look at how fast summer slipped away.
September will be over before you know it, and this is one of the big hunts.

The hunt object:

And now some of the gifts you will find along the way.

So many many stores to get to in this hunt!
Lots of new ones for me on this round and a bit of shopping along the way.

Part 1: Around the Grid… – Sept 30

This is one of the big hunts! So I decided to start at the end and work forward. I am betting that many of the hunters don’t get through the whole event. Maybe you will be intrigued enough to go back, if you are one of those.
Don’t wait too long to do this. All of a sudden it will be the end of next month and you will not have finished it. That would be very sad.

This is the hunt object that you are looking for.

Fashions, decor, furniture, poses, background textures, shoulder pet and jewelry
are all gifts for the dedicated hunters to find.

This is just a tiny taste of the goodies in this hunt. Have fun!